Westbury Pharmacy Statement

Statement of Westbury Pharmacy on the Board of Pharmacy Action

April 17, 2015, 10:00 am

Over a year ago it was discovered that a janitor had accessed our prescription department and stolen substantial amounts of pain medications.  We immediately notified the police.  That individual was arrested, pled guilty, and is now in jail.   In its investigation, the Board has raised many issues about the operations of our prescription department.  We take these issues very seriously.

We have cooperated with the Board of Pharmacy during its entire investigation, changed our management, restructured our operations, and implemented a comprehensive corrective action plan.

We are surprised and dismayed that the Board has temporarily shut down our prescription department.  Safeguarding the health of our patients and serving this community have always been our highest priorities.

Our prescription files are being transferred to Westwood Pharmacy (5823 Patterson Avenue, 804-288-1933), and our colleagues at that pharmacy will be taking care of our current patients.

We will be doing everything we can to work with the Board of Pharmacy to re-open our prescription department as soon as possible.

Although prescriptions cannot currently be filled, all other departments of Westbury remain open for business.


Contact:  Alexander Macaulay, alexander@macbur.com